I've always wanted to make films. 

My father owned a film projector from the 70's and would play Laurel and Hardy for us in our darkened living room. My mom would stretch out on the floor and I'd settle into the bend of her knee to watch Swiss Miss, the second time the duo would have to move a piano across a great distance, only this time a gorilla in the Swiss Alps delays them. As gorillas in the Swiss Alps are wont to do.

Our collective love of Laurel and Hardy included dinnertime renditions of "We Are The Sons of the Desert" while shaking hands with each other like they do in the movie. 

Fillmmaking was my fate.

Although my fandom has stretched out to the bloods of Tarantino and the sex romps of John Waters, I still appreciate comedy styles of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, who prove that the zaniest, wildest scenes could also be graceful.

I just want Pocket Choke Pictures to bring a smile to everyone - the young and old, the restrained and refined, the salty and milky alike.
-Roxanne Manders
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